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  • Where should I incorporate my business?

    Most companies form C Corporations in the state in which they will primarily operate or the state of Delaware so that they can have access to the State's courts and business-friendly laws. Advantages of forming a C Corporation in your home state include:

    • Typically the least complicated, if you only plan to operate the business in your home state.
    • Avoid paying franchise taxes and filing annual reports in more than one state.
    • Usually costs less to incorporate locally.
    Many companies conduct business throughout the United States and abroad. A C Corporation with business locations in multiple states may incorporate in a single state, then register to do business in other states. This means that C Corporations must formally register, file annual reports, and pay annual fees in every state in which they conduct business.

  • If I incorporate in Delaware will I need to maintain a bank account or office address there?

    No. Your corporation or LLC does not need to maintain a bank account, or office in Delaware, as long as your corporation or LLC is represented by a registered agent. CorpCo can act as your Delaware registered agent for $119.00 per year.

  • What is a corporate kit?

    A corporate kit is a binder that serves as a corporate record book for your corporation or LLC. Generally, the corporate kit will come with the company name printed on the spine of the binder and will include the following:  corporate seal with the name state and year of formation for the company, standardized/customizable bylaws (for a corporation) or operating agreement (for an LLC), standardized minutes and/or resolutions, and share certificates (for a corporation) or member certificates (for an LLC).

  • What is a share’s par value?

    The par value of a share of stock is its minimum selling price. While the shares may be sold for more than this amount, they may not be sold for less. Common par values are $0.01, $1.00 or no par (which indicates no minimum selling price at all) The actual value of a share is its fair market value, or what someone is willing to pay for a share of stock, not it’s par value.

  • What are authorized shares of stock?

    Corporations must indicate the number of shares authorized in the company, when they incorporate. The number of authorized shares is the total number of shares available for the corporation to issue to shareholders; and represents ownership in the company. You do not have to record the issuance of these shares when you incorporate, but you must indicate the total number of shares to be authorized. The number of authorized shares can be increased or reduced, by filing an amendment to the articles of incorporation at a later date.

  • Why would I appoint CorpCo as my registered agent?

    • You require an address that meets all legal requirements. The registered agent for a business must be physically located in the state of incorporation and be available during normal business hours to accept important documents as they are delivered. If you are incorporating in a state where you do not have a physical address, and/or you are often out of the office, or work irregular business hours, you will be unable to act as your own registered agent.
    • Peace of mind. States impose ongoing requirements, such as annual report filings and franchise tax payments, on the businesses incorporated there. Business compliance matters are not likely to be your area of expertise, but they are ours. As your registered agent CorpCo will help you stay in compliance with state requirements for your corporation/LLC, avoid unnecessary state penalty fees and maintain your company's good standing in your state of incorporation and/or qualification.
    • Privacy is important to you. The registered agent is part of the public record and easily found when searching business records. Many business owners do not want their names easily accessible. In addition, in the event that a corporation receives Service of Process, it may be delivered by local law enforcement. Having police officers present at your place of business and in front of customers, is not desirable and using CorpCo as your registered agent avoids this potential embarrassment.

  • Is a corporation required to have a registered agent?

    Yes. State laws require all corporations to maintain a registered address with the Secretary of State in each state where they do business. The person or company located at that address, known as the Registered Agent, must remain available during all business hours. A Registered Agent receives and forwards important legal documents and state correspondence on behalf of the business.  In some states the regstered agent must also sign the incorporation papers before they can be filed with the Secretary of State.

  • Do I need an attorney to form a corporation/LLC?

    No. You can prepare and file necessary paperwork yourself, or you can have CorpCo prepare and file the documents necessary to incorporate your business. If you are unsure if incorporating will benefit your business, we do encourage you to speak with your tax advisor or attorney for advice.  If you should have general questions regarding the incorporation process, please do not hesitate to contact us link to contact page.

  • I am conducting business in multiple states. What should I do?

    Each state has its own laws regarding what constitutes doing business.  If your business is considered to be conducting business in a state other than the one where your company was originally formed, you will be required to register to do business in that state.  This is often referred to as a “Foreign Qualification”, “Foreign Registration”, or “Application for Authority to do Business”. CorpCo can assist with Foreign Qualification in all 50 US states as well as the District of Columbia.

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