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Archive for April, 2014

A marketing plan is one of the  keys to business success.

Does my business need a marketing plan?

By developing a marketing plan, business owners can increase their chances of positioning their product for success in the market by determining who their target customers are, and the best ways to reach them. Continue Reading »

Standing apart from the competition can give your business the edge it needs for success.

Standing apart from competitors is crucial to business success

If you’re an entrepreneur embarking on a new business venture, you had better be prepared to take on the competition. Every business faces competition for their share of the market, but those who are able to find a position that makes them stand out from the rest stand the best chance at success. Continue Reading »

Entrepreneurs should be discerning when assessing opportunities that seem too good to be true.

For entrepreneurs, sometimes the long way to success is best

Running a business can be exciting, but rushing things and cutting corners can put even the most motivated entrepreneurs at a disadvantage in the long run. Sometimes entrepreneurs are faced with an opportunity that is too good to be true when starting out. The question is, should they take the opportunity? Continue Reading »