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Industry News

Archive for April, 2014

Planning and structure can help business owners be more efficient.

How planning and structure can help entrepreneurs succeed

Entrepreneurs that want to make the most effective use of their time must do more than just have a good attitude and desire to succeed. By cultivating an awareness of different ways to more efficiently use time, small business owners are able to maximize time spent building their business. Continue Reading »

Education technology startups have already received hundreds of millions in funding this year.

Opportunity abounds for educational startups

If you have an effective solution to a common problem, there’s probably a place in the market for you. Currently, the education sector is seeing a lot of action from startups. Education technology represents a big opportunity for entrepreneurs to make an impact. Continue Reading »

The State of Maine has issued a warning about a solicitation targeting corporations.

Maine issues solicitation alert to corporations

Business owners should always be on alert for potential illegitimate correspondence and offers. Recently, Maine Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap issued a warning to corporations and non-profit entities after numerous Maine corporations received solicitations from a company called Corporate Records Service. Continue Reading »