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Meet Will Webber, real estate entrepreneur

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As part of our ongoing CorpCo Entrepreneur Inspiration Contest we will be highlighting entrepreneurs that have entered by posting their stories to our Facebook page, where readers will have the opportunity to vote for the stories that they find most inspirational.

Today we are highlighting contest entrant Will Webber, who shared his story about how he became the “most interesting realtor in Delaware,” with over 600 buyers, sellers and addresses. Webber, a self-described entrepreneur responsible for disruptive innovation, got involved in the real estate business in 1986 by deciding to go out one day and become licensed. Here’s his story:

“It all started in 1986. Remember the old Deer Park? There we were, just after last call on a Friday, and Lisa (shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, perfect completion, and the best of all wicked smiles) said to me, ‘What are you doing tomorrow morning?’ Uncertain if this might be a pickup line, I answered, ‘Nothing.  Why?’ Lisa said, ‘Pick me up at 7:00 AM! We are going to Goldey Beacom to be licensed to sell real estate.’

I picked her up. We registered. We took the class, passed the exam, and the rest is history.”

Do you have an inspiring or humorous story of entrepreneurship to share? To be eligible to enter the contest, you must have had a business in Delaware for at least two years. If you meet this requirement, go ahead and visit our Facebook page and click on the Contest Entry Link to share your inspiring story. If you know someone who is an entrepreneur with an inspiring story, you may enter the contest on their behalf. CorpCo’s Facebook fans will be voting on the entries. Winners will receive a prize package based on our sponsor donations.