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Don’t delay! Delaware franchise tax payments are almost due

It's time to pay your franchise tax.

It's time to pay your franchise tax.

If you didn't choose to incorporate your business in Delaware or have already sent CorpCo your franchise tax payment for 2014, feel free to disregard the following. 

However, if neither one of the above stipulations applies to you, it's time to send in that payment. Every company that is incorporated in Delaware must pay a franchise tax and file an Annual Report. Exempt domestic corporations (usually those that have religious or charitable goals) still need to file a report, even if they do not need to pay the tax.

Delaware's incorporation website has more details on this requirement, including the punishment for nonpayment. Per the site, penalties assessed accrue interest for each month of nonpayment. 

If your company is required to pay only the minimum franchise tax (authorized stock of 3000 shares or less), please renew your company via our secure online renewal form. If your company has authorized stock of more than 3000 shares, please contact us to calculate your exact requirement. This fee should be remitted no later then February 24. 

Even if your company is no longer in operations, it's important that you follow all the proper channels to legally dissolve it. If you simply abandon operations without officially filing any paperwork, you'll still be liable to pay franchise taxes, and liabilities will continue to accrue. To ensure that you've properly dissolved your company, and won't be on the hook for a massive tax bill for a company that you're no longer doing work for, contact our office at or call 302-652-4800.