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Influential banker predicts economic upturn: Is it time to incorporate your business?

Solid economic indicators could mean now is the time for incorporation.

Solid economic indicators could mean now is the time for incorporation.

According to one influential banker, prospects are hopeful for the United States as the country attempts to recover from economic recession. 

Which means might be the perfect time for incorporating your business

William Dudley, the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and a permanent member of the Fed's policy committee, expressed optimism that not only would the economy perform better, it would also be intrinsically healthier. 

"Not only do we have some better data in hand, but also the fiscal drag, which has been holding the economy back, is likely to abate considerably over the next few years at the same time that the fundamental underpinnings of the economy are improving," Dudley told a gathering at Queens college.

All of this is good news for small business owners who want to take the next step and incorporate. Consumers are likely to have more money to spend, which means they will be more willing customers. In addition, Dudley noted that banks have begun employing less restrictive credit standards, good news for growing companies looking to raise capital. He also predicted positive upticks in the labor market and the GDP over the next two years.

Now, then, might be the time to take advantage of this rosy outlook. By contacting an incorporation services company now, would-be business owners can potentially situate themselves to take full advantage of the economic recovery: proactivity can be a big advantage in competitive markets. 

While he acknowledged that there was some uncertainty in his forecast, Dudley's projections nonetheless have to be encouraging to any potential entrepreneur looking to make the next step.