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Small businesses can take advantage of Facebook ‘boot camps’ this summer

Facebook will be hosting events this summer to help small businesses leverage its services.

Facebook will be hosting events this summer to help small businesses leverage its services.

Marketing is an important part of running a small business, and with so many options available today to help businesses reach customers online, it's important to know how to leverage these tools. 

Social media plays an important role in small business marketing. It provides an effective way for businesses to connect with customers while also receiving important feedback in the form of comments or reviews that can help business owners determine what's working and where they can improve. 

To help small businesses take advantage of its services, Facebook has recently announced that they will be hosting a series of events this summer to provide small business owners with tools and tips to help engage customers, including Facebook best practices. The event is called "Facebook Fit" and will take place in Chicago, New York, Miami, Austin and Menlo Park. 

"What we hear from small businesses all the time is they don't have a lot of time, they don't have a lot of money, so we're going to pack in a lot of really useful things into half-day boot camps where they can come out stronger on the other end, whether they're just getting started on Facebook or whether they're pretty experienced, with new tips and ideas from us, from our event partners and from other businesses they meet and network with at the events," Facebook director of small business Dan Levy told

Business owners attending the events will also have the opportunity to learn about important aspects of business such as financial management and legal services. 

If you're starting your own business, one of the important first steps is incorporating your business. A reliable online incorporation services company can help you check for company name availability and determine the right type of entity for your small business.