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Three big trends in modern business names

What's in a name? For your company, the answer could be "quite a bit."

What's in a name? For your company, the answer could be "quite a bit."

Although it seems like a relatively minor task, choosing the right name for your company can have a big impact. Not only will it be the first thing that many clients find out about your business, it can be prohibitively difficult to change once you've gained some traction. The right name is a huge part of your brand, and you want one that's going to fit well into the market that you're entering. With that in mind, these are three trends that successful companies today are following.

1. Inventify

The advantages here are obvious: you're not constrained by any dictionary, you can make it pithier than you might be able to otherwise and adding fun and memorable sounds is a cinch. Companies like Skype, Hulu and Plaxo have all seen the value in a little creativity. The downside, here, is that you're subject to misspelling, and may have to explain your reasoning.

2. SmashUp

Combining two short, simple words can be catchy and memorable: just look at the successes Facebook and MySpace. It's easy to spell, hard to forget and if you're thoughtful when deciding, can say a lot about your company so that you don't have to.

3. Tweakd

Companies like Tumblr and Flickr have taken advantage of small tweaks in existing words to create powerful branding opportunities. You can carve out valuable online real estate with a clever twist on a familiar word: just make sure that people can find you. With the new domain extensions soon to be available, there could be even more options opening up for interesting takes on common words. 

If you're interested in starting or rebranding a business, checking company name availability is a necessary first step.