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Why you must follow your head and your heart when starting your own company

You must make smart decisions as you start your company.

You must make smart decisions as you start your company.

There's an old adage that children make decisions with their heart and adults make decisions with their mind. The point is that as you grow older you have to decide what's sensible, which may require you to sacrifice things you care about. There may be some validity to this, although some have debated it. The phrase "Just follow your heart" is popular among those giving advice on matters pertaining to personal development from both a social and financial standpoint. Ultimately the preferable solution is to not select one or the other, but find a hybrid between the two. Those who can follow both their heart and their mind will be in better position to find personal satisfaction and long-term success.

An article in the News Observer suggests doing this when starting your own company. While you must make smart decisions, particularly early on when the margin for error is so small, you should not forego your personal feelings. After all, as we have stated in this blog, you have to be passionate about an idea to make it work as a business. Finding the right balance and leading with both your head and your heart isn't easy, but Jennie Wong, the article's author, offered some helpful tips.

"My advice is to choose as a missionary, then execute as a mercenary," she writes. "Personally, I think each mindset has its place, and that the secret to a successful and fulfilling journey is to put them in the correct order. Namely, when you're choosing your business, think like a missionary. Once you're committed to a business, run your ship like a mercenary. This is far preferable to the reverse order."

While your passion should fuel your decision-making early on, make sure you use your brain to cover all your bases as you start your company. Incorporating your business is an important step and can help ensure you are set up to run a business you love.