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2014 is looking good for business, according to women business owners

Report reveals women business owners' optimistic outlook for 2014.

Report reveals women business owners' optimistic outlook for 2014.

If you're a woman and an entrepreneur, 2014 is looking like a great year to be in business, according to a recent report.

The National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and found that since 2013, the number of women business owners that are optimistic about the economic outlook for their business has gone up by 12 percent. The 2014 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report, which surveyed over 600 women business owners across the country, also showed that 92 percent of women business owners think that this year will see an increase in the number of women starting their own businesses.

"With a positive outlook and strong entrepreneurial spirit, women business owners continue to be a driving force of our economy," said national board chair of the National Association of Women Business Owners, Billie Dragoo.

Additionally, the study found that women business owners see online marketing as a high priority this year, viewing social media as an important way to build customer relationships. Although social media was noted as a priority for women business owners, it was also revealed that women lacked confidence in their ability to leverage social media tools to market their business, and end up under utilizing these tools as a result. The biggest concerns of respondents were the state of the economy, with energy costs, access to health insurance and taxes cited as other main worries.

An optimistic outlook is a great mindset and can certainly be very helpful on the path to success. Whether you're a woman business owner, aspiring entrepreneur, or anyone else who owns a business or is looking to start one, you can benefit from learning about incorporating your business.