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CableBuds No Dangle No Tangle

CableBuds Stop Dangling Earbuds and Help Prevent Tangled Earbud Cables

CableBuds Stop Dangling Earbuds and Help Prevent Tangled Earbud Cables

Got CableBuds?!

Here’s another COOL CONCEPT we are excited to share with you!

We use earbuds, earphones and headphones as part of everyday life, whether we are listening to music from our iPod, iPhone, Android or media device or even when we are using a smartphone for a phone call. The earbuds hurt our ears, the cables get caught on things (a potential danger) and get tangled, and earphones pull out of our ears, especially while exercising. We have always put up with the dangling earphones as a necessary evil but we no longer have to.

CableBuds are “The Solution for Dangling Earbud, Earphone and Headphone Cables”. “We are so confident you will like CableBuds, we offer the “No Risk Guarantee” – all you have to do is return them for a no questions asked, risk free, refund. We offer this as we are so sure you will like them.”

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CableBuds have been designed to take control of earbuds, earphones and headphones by simply clipping them to clothes (using tiny magnets), stopping dangling cables and preventing tangled cables. CableBuds are ultra lightweight, small and easy to use, leaving you free to enjoy your music from your favorite iPod, iPhone, Android or other media device. CableBuds are ideal while exercising, working or just relaxing and help stop the hassle caused by tangled earbud, earphone and headphone cables.

For more information visit CableBuds

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